Sales Support Associate

Job Description

To support and increase Hospital Sales through efficient service.
1. Build, maintain, update various databases for sales, contracts, and all other product related information.

2. Regular monitoring of sites such as Biddingo, SEAO, Merx,, APC, BC Bid, and other to identify RFPs for sales opportunities. Contact manufacturer and cross functional teams to gather required data and enter data in RFP documents (online and excel) and develop comparative statements.

3. Receive and manage by following up on queries/complaints etc. from hospitals, collaborate with cross-functional teams and provide response to hospitals on time.

4. Ensure optimum level of inventory is maintained at distributor/wholesaler/warehouse and minimize penalties. Conduct regular monthly meetings with manufacturer/supplier to get and update on Supply status of purchase orders and ensure timely supplies.

5. Weekly monitoring of Drug shortage website to identify opportunities and achieve sales.

Job Specifications:

1. Relay contract pricing and all product related information to 3PL (Third Party Logistics) and Distributors/Wholesalers.
2. Develop, product brochure, price catalogue, and plan & execute product blitz for hospitals.
3. Manage participation in hospital conferences and events.
4. Ensure backorder reports are provided to GPOs as per timelines.
5. Prepare rebate reports for GPOs
6. Contact alternate suppliers to provide cover supply for back-order products.
7. Monthly presentations – review, highlights, sales trends.
8. Access direct sales data from ERP system and from Wholesaler/distributor reports.
9. Prepare Monthly sale report- Budget vs actual sales- identify deviations and communicate to GPOs.
10. Monitor Drug shortage website to identify opportunity sales.
11. Annual budgeting exercise-Prepare all budget related reports.
12. Extract data for IQVIA and prepare reports.
13. Responsible for new product and new opportunity identification by regular reviewing and analysis of all Global Portfolio products and IQVIA data, send Product initiation forms (RPIF) to manufacturer, follow-up with manufacturer for product development status, ensuring filing of product dossier as per plan and launch of Injectable products on time.

Qualification and Skills Required:

1. Undergraduate degree
2. Intermediate/Advance level skills with MS office with Strong excel skills
3. Strong oral and written communication skills
4. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
5. Strong work ethics-take full ownership of deliverables.
6. Highly organized, detail oriented and initiate proactively.
7. Extract data from databases such as ERP, IQVIA etc
8. Team player and self-starter with a solution-oriented attitude.

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