Product Portfolio Associate

Functions of Product portfolio Associate include, assisting the portfolio specialist in:

  • Monitoring of Drug Shortages & Market Intelligence (HC, MCK, BC, Provincial)
  • Monitoring of competitor activity and adopting the changes as per market dynamics- New & existing products.
  • Periodic communication templates to Field force appraising of Market intelligence
  • Continuous analysis of Additional sources for Product Identification towards product selection
  • Qualitative Analysis of cross-license projects.
  • preparation and presentation of comprehensive periodic business summary to Business Heads
  • Developing product, portfolio specific marketing campaigns, promotional programs
  • Monitoring of customer / sales team feedbacks- Follow-ups and consequent Product enhancements.
  • Budget analysis of new product launches and targeted plans for improving the efficiency.
  • Determining the areas of improvement involving preparing list of focus products, focus customers, potential new customers, thereby performing the targeted marketing of products.
  • Analysis of new accounts per territory, per sales rep, per product involving analysis of product behaviour.
  • Preparing of RPIFs and Business Cases for in-house and in-licensing projects.
  • price change update notices tracking of price changes and impact analyses documents.
  • Qualitative Analysis of New Product Launches/Existing products.
  • Periodic product performance reports/presentations.
  • Demand planning & Inventory management of new product launches.
  • Other tasks as assigned by the portfolio specialist.
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